Supporting local charities is at the heart of our organization. 

Part of this support includes building strong partnerships with organizations in our community through volunteer activities. Each month our membership committee organizes opportunities for our members to connect with each other, and give back to groups whose mission aligns with our own.  Each year our entire organization nominate and vote for an annual partner charity to dedicate donations from the annual fundraising event, in addition to volunteer events throughout the year.


Annual Partner Charity: 2019


The Mockingbird Society is an advocacy organization that provides meaningful opportunities for youth across Washington state to participate in the social justice effort to improve the foster care system. Their work includes working with foster families and child-placing agencies to improve outcomes for both foster kids and foster parents. Recognizing a clear link between experience in the child welfare system and homelessness, Mockingbird also began addressing issues around youth homelessness in 2013.

Past Partner Charities


Mary’s Place is a local nonprofit serving as a leading advocate for homeless women, children, and families by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing, and hope in a safe community. Since 2008, Mary’s Place has grown from one day center to six shelters servicing 400 family members in 2016.

For the past three years, Mary’s Place has campaigned to provide emergency shelter to every family sleeping outside in King County with the No Child Sleeps Outside campaign. In 2017, the nonprofit plans to open up three new shelters, providing spaces for 500 more families. WPC is excited to partner with Mary’s Place to help this amazing local organization achieve their goals and sustain their monumental growth to fight homelessness in our community and increase services toward sustainability for so many families.  To learn more about how Mary’s Place is empower homeless women, children, and families reclaim their lives, visit their website here.

2016: WPIG

In 2016, WPIG members supported multiple charities through volunteer events, invested in membership education, and fund-raised for future WPIG missions at several social events, rather than hold a single large event for one partner charity.

  • May 2016: GiveBIG campaign and Gallaghers’ Take a Swig for WPIG event raised $8,500.

  • October 2016: WPIG, Wine, & Chocolate event at Fran’s Chocolate raised $5,000.

  • February 2017: Thank You Thursday at Reuben’s Brews.

2015: ReWA

ReWA is a non-profit, multi-ethnic organization that promotes inclusion, independence, personal leadership, and strong communities by providing refugee and immigrant women and their families with culturally and linguistically appropriate services. ReWA advocates for social justice, public policy changes, and equal access to services while respecting cultural values and the right to self-determination.

To learn more about how ReWA is empowering families and strengthening communities, please visit their website here.  For more information on our partnership and ongoing volunteer activities, please visit our website here.


2013: First Place School

In 2013, WPIG partnered with local charitable organization, First Place School. First Place’s mission is to serve families in crisis by providing excellent, culturally competent education, housing and support services enabling families to achieve permanent stability. They also provide hope for children who have experienced homelessness, one family at a time. Each day, parents put their faith in First Place School. The classrooms are lively spaces filled with academics, social development, warm meals, stable influences and the belief that every child can learn. You only need to stand in the halls to hear the laughter, learning, and inquisitive minds at work.


2010-2011: Ryther

In 2010 and 2011, we supported Ryther, a Seattle organization that provides essential services and support to foster children. Foster children are some of the neediest children in our community, and Ryther plays a crucial role in offering safe places and opportunities for children, youth, and families. Ryther is a recognized leader in providing and advocating for a comprehensive continuum of care for these members of our community who are have experienced or are at risk of neglect, mental illness, or emotional, physical, sexual, and/or chemical abuse.

WPIG supported Ryther through volunteering on-site, offering holiday activities for children, and donating $29,000 to support their programs via our annual PIGture Perfect art auction and fundraiser.



2008: YWCA

In 2008, WPIG chose YWCA of Seattle as our charity partner. YWCA empowers women and families by enabling them to live self-sufficient and fulfilled lives. YWCA provides services that promote these ideals, reduce violence, and strive for equal opportunities for all women.

WPIG donated proceeds from our first annual charity event to the YWCA, and the YWCA food bank specifically.


2014: YouthCare

In 2014, WPIG partnered with YouthCare is a non-profit network of shelters and transitional housing serving homeless, trafficked and runaway youth in the greater Seattle, with the goal of helping them achieve self-sufficiency and stability.

Founded in 1974, YouthCare has developed an effective continuum of care for the youth they engage which includes initial outreach, emergency shelter and basic services, transitional housing, counseling, education and employment training. YouthCare believes that every youth they serve is a success story waiting to happen.  To learn more about how YouthCare is changing the lives of local youth, visit their website YouthCare.

2012: One by One

In 2012, our charity partner was One by One, a Seattle-based non-profit dedicated to the prevention and treatment of obstetric fistula, a childbirth injury that continues to devastate the lives of women and girls in the developing world. Obstetric fistula is caused by prolonged obstructed labor that occurs when women living in poverty are unable to access essential medical care during childbirth. A horrendous injury that leaves women permanently incontinent, obstetric fistula has life-shattering consequences. Women are often abandoned by their husbands, marginalized by their communities, and forced to live in shame and isolation. Fortunately, obstetric fistula is both treatable and preventable.

By increasing awareness and developing, implementing, and supporting comprehensive treatment programs and critically important prevention initiatives, One By One is able to alleviate immense suffering and transform the lives of hundreds of women every year.


2009: Bill and Pat Bali Fund

In 2009, WPIG worked with the “Give to Asia” Bill and Pat Bali Fund. This organization, based in Edmonds, Washington, arranges sponsorships for 70 girls living at the Untal-Untal orphanage in Bali. [More to add here? We can ask someone who worked with them directly]p[

WPIG’s 2009 event was donated directly to the scholarship fund and was earmarked to help girls in Bali gain access to higher education. WPIG also specifically supported Amelia Febrina Merry Bogia, a young girl with aspirations of becoming a teacher. Our support included housing, clothing, food, education, and healthcare.